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Total Life Prosperity Community Development Corporation is a non-profit organization recognized under IRC 501(c)3. Our mission is to change lives, empower people, and transform communities. We utilize personal success planning as a platform to engage families and begin the transformation process. We understand people operate based on what they know. In order to change a community you must first change the mindset of the people who live there. Once they learn a different way of doing things, and believe that the new way is a better way, they will embrace and become the change agents necessary to begin the transformation process.


Our vision is to see low-to-moderate income level communities become safe and nurturing places to raise families. Each community will have an active block club that is committed to making the neighborhood better. Each community is involved in blight reduction and elimination thereby raising the property value and putting the community in high demand for existing home purchases, new builds, and high-quality rental opportunities. Each family will know the importance of entrepreneurship to creating wealth receive the tools necessary to pursue it. Each person will be equipped with the components of living a healthy lifestyle and be influential in changing dietary and fitness habits in his/her household. Every person will receive the basic of financial planning including retirement planning, college planning, estate planning, and wealth accumulation. We envision healthier, wealthier, synergetic communities where success is the norm and is expected.


Total Life Prosperity Community Development Corporation operates under the leadership of its board of directors and staff. 

Dwayne serves as President of the Board of Directors. Dwayne holds a Master of Arts degree in Administrative Science from Saginaw Valley State University, a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Entrepreneurship, Associate of Applied Science degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Administration from Davenport University, holds group fitness instructor certifications through YUSA and American Council on Exercise (ACE), is C.P.R. and First Aid certified, is a certified Body Works instructor, and is a graduate of Agape Faith Bible Training Center with a certificate in Biblical Studies. Dwayne’s passion is teaching people how to eliminate excuses and overcome obstacles to achieve greatness.

Sonyita Clemons serves as Executive Director. Sonyita has an associate's degree from Mott Community College and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Northwood University. In addition, she is a certified fitness instructor, health coach, process facilitator and program development strategist.  Her areas of expertise include organizational development, volunteer recruitment/training, financial literacy, personal success planning, program development and evaluation, capacity building, event planning, marketing and fund development. 

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